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EMS Communications is very relevant to their trainees. They equip many industry types samples, each with their own culture and jargon, yet EMS cuts through it all, and contextualizes it into relevant and personable applications.

David Steuart
Quality Director, The Walsh Group

It was a great experience and we all got a lot out of it! Our month-end meeting was last week and the participants had an opportunity to practice and use some of their new skills and did a great job! Really appreciate the training by the EMS team.

Sarah Thorrens
Vice President, Talent Management, Baxter Credit Union

I am incorporating what I learned during our two day session on the phone as well as in meetings. Also find myself counting the ums, you knows and soooo’s!

Ed Bettenhausen
Treasury Management Sales, Wintrust

The team members who completed the 1st two days of training have been doing a great job in the scenario’s they have been in post training class, I have very impressed with their progress.

Bob Buttermore
V.P./Director Central Sales & Business Development, OneMain Financial

My presentation at the Fall Assembly a couple of weeks ago went very well. I got many compliments about making the material easy to understand and feel that the time spent with you made all the difference.

Jeff Raizen
Senior Director of Finance, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

I wanted to thank you for the coaching and very honest and open feedback. I took away a lot of nuggets from the past two days. I know I have a lot of work to do in this area to get to the level in my career that I want. More importantly though I have a lot more work to do to make an everlasting impact to the people I lead. Your team did an amazing job and I will always be grateful for this opportunity.

Margarita Hensley
Business Development Manager, OneMain Financial

“Eric is a great friend, and one of the many ‘surprises’ at Comcast. Eric is an executive coach with an ‘alternative’ method that speaks directly to the character of a person. Leadership and communication – that goes well beyond written and verbal communication – are his core competency.”

Gabriella Vacca
Vice President, Systems Engineering, Comcast

Thank you so so so much for working with me on my speech. When I went to rehearsal, the TelePrompTer had broken so there was NOTHING! I didn’t see it until I stood up to speak. But, I was comfortable, so much that I ad libbed some. The jokes went over well. I smiled. I used my hands. I didn’t rock. There were no ums. It was powerful. I could not have done this without your help.

Cheryl Nimmo
President, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Thank you for an intense two days! You challenged me and pushed our entire team to be the best presenters in the industry. You’ve given us the tools to succeed and as Eric would say, it’s game time! I appreciate your dedication and personal feedback. You knocked me down a few pegs and built me back up. I got this!

Jennifer Bohnen
Vice President, Wintrust

Thanks again for your time and energy. I wanted to let you know I had some fun yesterday on my sales calls. I worked on facial expressions and I kind of felt myself come to life…like I am at home. Thank you for pointing out where I need to apply the polish on my presentation. I’m really excited to work on it.

Dominic DeMaria
Sales Engineer, Spraying Systems Co.

You guys are one of a kind. The program was excellent and well delivered. Now I want more!

Bill Mellin
President and CEO, Credit Union Association of New York

I highly recommend EMS if you are looking to improve not only your presentation skills, but also your phone voice, presence, attitude and confidence. Eliot and Eric are masters at creating a trusting and fun environment.

Madeleine Koch
Services Coordinator, Chicago Clearing House Association

It feels like mountain climbing, but your work with me is paying off. The approval ratings from my speeches at the last three sales conferences have skyrocketed thanks to you! My personality is coming through, and I don’t dread it like I used to.

Cara Heiden
Co-President, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I found your training enlightening, bold, serious and helpful, and was impressed with your energy, hard work and honesty. You got right to the point, made great suggestions, and helped me become a more effective presenter.

Chuck Procknow
Executive Vice President, George K. Baum & Company,

Our sessions together far exceeded my hopes and expectations. You have given me the freedom to be someone new…myself!

Barry Paul
SVP, Group Treasurer, Zurich North America

Now that my brain has digested the immense amount of knowledge and ideas from last week’s “boot camp”, I want to sincerely thank both of you. Your passion and compassion will make our sales force more effective and successful.

Sandy Spiegel
, WTTW Chicago

I learned more in 24 hours than I had in 27 years. Excellent eye opener. I am a cheerleader and will share with my team managers.

Ralph Urrutia
District Manager / Retail, Verizon Wireless

Of all the human capital investments we have ever made, this training has proven to be the best use of our time and funds.

Danne Buchanan
CEO, NetDeposit, Inc.

EMS provided one of the most valuable training sessions our sales and consulting teams have experienced. The ROI was nearly immediate.

Steve Simmerman
VP Marketing & Business Development, Swisslog AG

Thank you for the awesome, thought provoking, exhilarating, intense, substance filled, (the list goes on) training and development I had the pleasure of partaking in with you last week. From here on, I will sell with excitement, lighten up, and take full advantage of “game time” opportunities.

Tony Dickinson
Manager, Cross-Sell Programs, Wells Fargo Financial

What I learned in your class was absolutely critical to the success of a presentation I recently gave to a very large customer. As you suggested, I focused less on the content and more on the presentation of the content, and I could see the difference in the attention span of the eight top level VPs and managers in my audience. Thanks again for the help.

Frank Neilson
Sales Engineer, Bosch Rexroth Corporation

It was great seeing our sales teams in one room working together and being re-energized. What really impresses us about what you do is that, in addition to ‘ridding the world of boring presentations’, you show how these lessons can be instrumental in everyday life. To come across forcefully, honestly, in a compelling and dramatic manner goes far beyond sales.

Howard Fisher
General Sales Manager, WTTW 11

When we hired EMS Communications to work with our sales leadership we had no idea the deep impact they would make on our organization. Their unique, personal approach to teaching presentation training helped many members of our team to look within themselves and remember how to use their own strengths to help them better achieve their goals. Each person who worked with them found lessons that could be applied to make them more successful in both their career and in life. Thank you EMS!

Matt McInerney
Vice President, Global Sales, Phoenix International Freight Services

EMS made a huge difference in the quality of our speakers for our first Digital Commerce Summit. They helped us connect with our audience and keep them engaged through improved storytelling, human connection, and a set of skills that will help all of us make our case on stage and in meetings. I appreciate their personalized approach, which helps every speaker improve from their starting point: experienced and confident speakers benefit just as much as nervous speakers with little experience. I highly recommend EMS to improve the effectiveness of anyone’s communication skills.

Theresa O’Neil
Senior Vice President, Marketing, PowerReviews

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