Customized Workshops

Customized Workshops: Build Your Organization’s Leadership

EMS delivers workshops tailored to your team’s particular needs. These one-, two-, or three-day group workshops are perfect for organizations looking to provide specific training for small groups, whether it’s a sales team, up-and-coming leaders, or top-level executives.

Customized workshops combine videotaped exercises and hands-on coaching to produce incredible results. Participants deliver multiple real-life presentations on camera, followed by peer critique and private video review. Two EMS coaches with decades of experience guide the process and teach you strategies for continuing to improve beyond the workshop.

Three formats are available to choose from: Customized Corporate Workshops, Hybrid Workshops, and Small Group Workshops.

Customized Corporate Workshops

This customized program, for teams of up to eight participants, consists of a two-day workshop plus a third follow-up day where EMS coaches return to check on your progress. This is our most popular workshop, and is incredibly effective.

Features of EMS Customized Corporate Workshops

  • 2-Day Workshop, 1-Day Follow-Up
  • Limited to 8 People
  • Two Experienced EMS Coaches
  • Videotaped Role-Plays
  • Group Discussion and Feedback
  • One-On-One Coaching

Hybrid Workshops

This format works well for busy teams that can’t spend two full days away from their desks. We begin with a half-day group session, followed by private coaching appointments with each participant. This ensures that your team can maintain their workflow while still developing key leadership skills.

Features of Hybrid Workshops

  • Held over multiple days
  • 6-10 Participants
  • Interactive Group Workshop
  • Videotaped Practice Sessions
  • Individual Private Coaching

Small Group Workshops

EMS’s one-day Small Group Workshops can accommodate up to five participants. The agenda typically focuses on improving physical delivery skills and speaking with confidence, with time for three video sessions per person, each followed by a private video review.

Unique Features of Small Group Workshops

  • 1-Day Workshop
  • Up to 5 Participants
  • 3 Individual Video Sessions
  • One-on-one Coaching

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