Six Services to Boost Your Communication Skills

EMS Communications delivers comprehensive training programs designed to build effective communication skills, which are essential for engaging audiences, managing teams, and building relationships.

These skills are taught by EMS coaches with decades of experience. Videotaped exercises and presentations are critical ingredients in the training process, helping you assess your performance and see how you appear to others. EMS offers training in a variety of different formats, each suited to a different set of needs.

Want to have more of an impact on Zoom calls? Our virtual communication training will help you fill up your screen with charismatic energy. You will receive instant feedback from our coaches and video recordings of your practice presentations to see what you can improve. Then we’ll help you experiment with proven tactics to find what works best for you. Ultimately, we will help you become a speaker you’d want to listen to at video meetings.

Naturally talented athletes still hire coaches to get them on the right track, and even born leaders need to hone their communication and leadership skills to reach their full potential. EMS Communications pushes you to that next level with one-on-one coaching. Executive Coaching lasts 6-12 months or longer depending on your needs. Monthly face-to-face meetings and unlimited texts, calls, and PowerPoint reviews foster continuous long-term self-improvement.

If you’re seeking training for your entire team, but don’t want a cookie-cutter program where they won’t retain anything, your best bet is a customized corporate seminar. Typically for larger groups of 20 or more, these corporate seminars combine lecture, group discussion, and small group breakout sessions in an interactive format. Your team will come away with not only enhanced presentation and communication skills, but also improved motivation and team rapport.

The focus of each workshop is tailored to the needs of the team in attendance. There are three formats for you to choose from:

  • Customized Corporate Workshops—These workshops service up to eight individuals for two full days along with a follow-up day to track progress, and utilize video role-plays as well as group discussions and hands-on coaching.
  • Hybrid Workshops—In these workshops, up to ten participants attend a half-day coaching session followed by individual coaching appointments through the rest of the process. Perfect for when participants can’t afford to miss work for multiple full days at a time.
  • Small Group Workshops—This type of workshop is for up to five people and lasts a single day. Each participant gets three video review sessions with the aim of improving physical delivery skills and speaking with confidence.

If you have to present next week, you don’t have time for a 6-to-12-month program. Speech Coaching prepares you for a specific upcoming speech or presentation when you need help now. For a full day, two coaches help you rehearse and refine your presentation, including visual aid use and handling questions. Whether you’re preparing for a press conference, a corporate meeting, or a speech to your Board of Directors, we’ll make sure you nail it.

EMS’s coaches have years of experience touring the speaking circuit and delivering keynote speeches. Schedule an EMS speaker to perform a one- or two-hour presentation at your networking event or other large gathering, and they’ll engage your audience with both entertainment and insight, so your attendees will walk away knowing their time has been well-spent.

These are far from the only services we have to offer. If you’re interested in something else relating to communication training, give us a call. Let’s discuss other possibilities and options to fulfill your needs. We love talking to clients about what we do, and our services aren’t exclusive to what’s listed here.

Are You Looking To Improve Your Communication Skills?