Virtual Communication Training

Captivate Your Video Meeting Audience with Virtual Communication Training

Successfully engaging an audience in a Zoom meeting is hard. The good news is there are communication techniques you can use to bridge that gap! Our virtual communication training will help you discover the methods that work for you and hone those skills. As a result, you will become the type of speaker people want to listen to at video meetings!

Learn the Secrets to Engaging Virtual Presentations

Most video presentations don’t work because the speakers don’t know how their audience sees them. Our virtual communication training helps you see yourself from your viewers’ perspectives. We do this through instant expert feedback and showing you recordings of your presentations so that you can see how you’re coming across.

Along the way, you will learn virtual communication tactics and have the freedom to experiment with them to find what works for you. Our coaches will support you throughout the process as you become the speaker you’ve always wanted to be.

Choose the Training Option That Works for You

We have designed various training programs for individuals and teams looking to improve their virtual communication skills. You can choose one of the options from the list below or design a customized curriculum for your needs.

Interactive Webinars

Our real-time interactive webinars provide best practices and live coaching on how to improve virtual communication skills. This option is ideal for small and large teams looking to enhance their video meetings and presentations.

Team Workshops

Give your team the rewarding experience of improving their virtual communication skills together. Our team workshops mix interactive group training with private coaching sessions to provide practical skills for long-lasting growth.

3-Session Private Coaching Package

Improve your small-screen presentation skills from the comfort of your own home office with flexible scheduling. These 90-minute customizable sessions offer immediate feedback and practical exercises you can do to get better right away.

Long-Term Executive Coaching

We also offer long-term support for executives looking to enhance their leadership style. Whether you need help with management skills, communication or other areas, our team can help you for 6-12 months and beyond.

Gain Practical Knowledge You Can Use Right Away

With over 23 years of experience training speakers, our coaches know how to help you captivate an audience. We can help you in all the following areas and more:

  • Virtual Communication Skills
  • Speaking with Confidence
  • Setting Up a Video-Friendly Workspace
  • Creating Content that Captivates
  • Visual Aids in the Virtual World
  • Preparing for and Handling Questions
  • Facilitation vs. Presentation
  • Staying Motivated

Enjoy These Benefits of Becoming a Better Virtual Speaker


Understand how you come across when presenting virtually and what you can do to improve.


Enjoy a fun, judgment-free environment where you can discover your ideal presenting style.


Become comfortable with delivering virtual presentations with proven, effective techniques.


Discover the simple steps you can take to develop effective video presentation habits.


Get instant feedback from trained experts that you can apply right away at your next meeting.


Become a dynamic and charismatic speaker that people want to listen to in virtual meetings.

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