Ridding the World of Boring Presentations… One Speaker at a Time

At some point, you’ve sat through a speech or presentation, bored beyond belief. Corporate meetings, sales pitches, graduation ceremonies, etc. Can’t these people say something interesting, or at least put some life into it?

EMS Communications is on a mission to stop this from happening, one presentation at a time. Through a nontraditional mix of teaching, coaching, and motivation, EMS helps you find your authentic communication style, and trains you to speak with confidence in any situation.

Who are these EMS coaches though, anyway? Learn more about the EMS team, our history, and the people we inspire to become the leaders they’re meant to be.

EMS Communications is led by Eric M. Schor and Eliot M. Shapiro, who founded the company with decades of professional coaching and business leadership experience. They’ve also recruited Brett A. Schor, a 30-year veteran in sales, marketing, and executive leadership, as well as Lori Rubin Dekalo, an expert in training and business development who’s led multiple companies and toured as a public speaker. Together, the experts at EMS Communications deliver comprehensive professional coaching services in a style that’s friendly yet firm, pushing their clients to ever greater heights.

History of EMS Communications

Before founding EMS, Eliot and Eric were already building up their records of successful coaching, teaching, and speaking experience in their own careers. Working in their own separate fields, the two longtime friends both developed the same frustration: there are too many boring speakers in the world!

They decided they’d get to work addressing this problem, and founded EMS Communications in 1998 with the mission of eliminating boring presentations by training speakers to be engaging, authentic, and authoritative. The name was taken from the initials, E.M.S., which both Eliot and Eric share.

In the almost 20 years since its founding, EMS has developed a reputation for life-changing mentorship. As their client base and team have grown, the selection of services EMS offers has expanded to include public workshops, corporate seminars, keynote speeches, one-on-one coaching, and web-based coaching. All these programs teach people to project confidence and professionalism, eliminate distractions, engage an audience’s attention, and overall become better at communicating and leading.

EMS clients often work in fields that involve collaboration and deal-making. Corporate executives, sales and marketing teams, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals all benefit from EMS’s services. They work in healthcare, construction, banking, logistics, tech, and much more. Others come from nonprofits, politics, public relations, and more, anywhere that effective communication is a critical factor for success.

Anyone who interacts with others for a living will benefit from honing their communications skills. Learning to be comfortable, authentic, and engaging boosts not only your career skills but also your ability to confidently own your true self. Give EMS a call, and help rid the world of boring presentations for good.

Are You Looking To Improve Your Communication Skills?