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Benefits of Leadership by EMS Communications

Develop strong leadership skills through effective communication and team development.

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Benefits of Communication by EMS Communications

Hold an audience’s attention and motivate them to action with improved communication.

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Better presentations, increased confidence and more effective networking lead to more sales.

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Presentation Training to Engage Your Audience and Project Confidence

Everyone’s been there—sitting through another boring presentation with a weak and disengaged speaker, checking your phone, counting down the minutes until you can go home.

But what happens when the shoe is on the other foot? When you’re the one pitching an idea, leading a conference call, or just making conversation, do you hold people’s attention or put them to sleep? Do you project confidence? Professionalism? Authority?

In other words, are you a speaker you’d listen to? If you can’t answer with a confident “yes,” EMS Communications is here to help.

Whether your goal is to improve a team’s communication skills with customized workshops, build your core speaking skills at a two-day public “SELL It, Don’t TELL It” workshop, or set your sights on long-term success with personalized executive coaching, EMS delivers personal and professional development that is engaging, eye-opening, and guaranteed to produce incredible results.

Everyone else is just as tired of boring speakers as you are. That’s why EMS is ridding the world of boring presentations—one speaker at a time.

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  • NFL Hall of Famers Prove to be Amazing Speakers

    Did you get a chance to watch the recent 2018 NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies from Canton, Ohio? If you did, you were treated to some amazing speakers who shared amazing stories.

    August 13, 2018
  • What Courage Looks Like

    There was a moving moment at this month’s ESPYs when survivors of sexual abuse by USA Olympic and Michigan State team doctor Larry Nassar received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. 140 women came up in unity, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a powerful show of solidarity.

    July 25, 2018
  • Lessons on Presenting from the ESPYs

    This year’s ESPY awards were full of teachable moments—moments where speakers used techniques that you can incorporate into your own presentations to enhance your message and connect with your audience.  What were some of the best examples?

    July 25, 2018
  • Great Speakers from the ESPY Awards: Jim Kelly

    We’ve heard—and written about—some great speeches over the years that were delivered at the ESPY Awards, the annual summertime ceremony honoring significant moments and important people from the world of sports. What we consistently notice from this event is how award winners motivate and inspire their audience year after year by sharing their real selves and telling their often-emotional stories.

    July 25, 2018

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