Explore the Benefits of Working with EMS

It’s important to develop your abilities and better yourself, but you want to be sure your efforts translate into results. EMS Communications delivers communication training that impacts clients for the rest of their lives, with benefits in three main focus areas: Leadership, Communication, and Business.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Delivering a speech or presentation can be nerve-wracking, so you might try to project an image that isn’t you, hoping to look “professional.” You may also get so caught up in avoiding mistakes that your presentation becomes a mental juggling act. Instead, EMS coaches you to project yourself authoritatively but authentically, and to focus on the ways you can improve rather than the negatives you’re trying to avoid.

Effective Meetings, Conference Calls, and Virtual Presentations

We all know how meetings can turn into daily chores, but every meeting and conference call is an opportunity to inspire. EMS improves your body language, expressions, and other Fundamentals of Public Speaking, and you’ll start seeing every meeting and conference call as a chance to get people’s attention and be a better leader.

Confident Media Interaction

When your organization does something newsworthy, the media may offer a chance to build on that success. Are you prepared to deliver your message in an effective and engaging way? With a televised news interview or investor call, you don’t get a second chance to refine your delivery. EMS Communications trains you to make every media interaction count.

Executive Presence

All too often, people in leadership positions don’t have the presence of a leader. They don’t step up to the plate and own their role, or they overcompensate and act like a fake stereotype of a boss. Our video-intensive process teaches you learn to own a room with authenticity and confidence.

Leadership Development

Whether you’re attending training to improve your own skills or sending a group from your organization to train together, EMS Communications identifies and develops strong leaders. Participants become keenly aware of how others see them, and how they can manage that perception.

Team Building

It may not be your primary goal, but when a team attends EMS training together, team-building is a natural side-effect of the shared experience. Participants learn to provide honest and constructive feedback to one another. They bond during the shared experience, and as a result they come together as a team.

Higher-Quality Sales Opportunities

A successful salesperson projects credibility, honesty, and authenticity, and forms a genuine connection with their prospect. These qualities are key to setting yourself apart from the competition and generating excitement. EMS teaches you to deliver your pitch with confidence and energy every time, so you secure better sales opportunities and close more business.

Improved Call Center Results

Whether they’re taking customer service calls or making sales calls, your team needs to empathize with the person on the other end, represent your brand well, and ensure a positive customer experience, just as they would when face-to-face. EMS Communications equips call center personnel to meet these challenges, resulting in a better customer experience, more closed sales, and a superior ability to defuse tensions.

Better Returns from Trade Shows and Networking Events

Networking events and trades shows aren’t social gatherings. If you’re not prepared, you’re missing opportunities to form connections and secure future business. EMS Communications trains you to hold people’s attention and generate meaningful interactions, so you get the most out of every trade show and networking event.

Are You Looking To Improve Your Communication Skills?