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The Digest Archives

July 2017

– What’s New at EMS
– Ryan’s Message of Unity
– Emphasizing Messages Over Words
– Successful Team Presentations

June 2017

– Dr. Ferrell Addresses University of Southern Cali Grads
– A New Look for EMS
– A New Look for Speaker’s Digest

April 2017

– What’s The One Thing?
– Training Virtual Presenters

March 2017

– Handling Distractions: Acknowledge, Don’t Ignore
– Trump Changes Tone – And Succeeds!

February 2017

– Our Favorite Speaker Ever
– Secrets of Great TED Talks
– Spring Training: Practicing the Fundamentals

January 2017

– Big Ideas in 400 Seconds
– Two Famous Faces, Two Impressions

December 2016

– A Nervous Award-Winner Finds His Groove
– The Top 10 TED Talks of 2016
– Blasts from the Past

November 2016

– A Powerful Message from the World of Entertainment
– Speaking About Yourself
– Welcome to Lori Rubin Dekalo

October 2016

– Speaking from the Heart
– The Tone of Influence
– Non-Words, Comedian-Style

September 2016

– Observing the First Presidential Debate
– Learning from Clinton and Trump
– The Hillary Shimmy

Summer 2016

– Michelle and Melania, Side By Side
– The Best of the Red Side
– On Trump the Presenter
– Some Bests and Worsts from Cleveland and Philly

June 2016

– Non-Words vs. Pauses: A Showdown!
– Baseball Season: Two Managers, Two Approaches

May 2016

– The Power of Inauthenticity
– Alexander Hamilton and the Year in Commencement Addresses

April 2016

– Always Teaching, Canadian Style
– Always Presenting, Canadian Style

March 2016

– Understanding and Changing Memories
– Lessons from the Hip Hop Preacher

February 2016

– Keys to Presenting with Confidence

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