Spraying Systems Co.

Spraying Systems Co.Headquarters: Wheaton, IL

Spraying Systems Co. is the leader in spray technology, with nozzles readily available in thousands of sizes, hundreds of configurations, and dozens of materials. Their innovative spray nozzles are designed to improve efficiency—from quick-change nozzles that require no tools for installation to anti-bearding nozzles that increase throughput.

EMS provides Spraying Systems Co. with a variety of training options, including seminars and workshops for teams both large and small, as well as individual Speaker Training for employees preparing for trade shows and sales conferences. EMS develops Spraying Systems Co.’s leadership and sales staff and helps them be the best they can be when it comes to communicating the value of their products and their brand.

  • EMS Communications client since 2014
  • They partner with EMS for:
    • Speaker Training for sales conferences and trade shows
    • Individual employees attend our Public Workshops
    • Large Group Seminars
    • Small Group Workshops

Thanks again for your time and energy. I wanted to let you know I had some fun yesterday on my sales calls. I worked on facial expressions and I kind of felt myself come to life…like I am at home. Thank you for pointing out where I need to apply the polish on my presentation. I’m really excited to work on it.

Dominic DeMaria
Sales Engineer, Spraying Systems Co.

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