WintrustHeadquarters: Rosemont, IL

Wintrust is a 25-year-old financial services company based in Rosemont, Illinois. Through their family of more than 150 community bank locations and related companies, they can provide traditional commercial and community banking services, wealth management guidance, mortgage origination, commercial insurance premium financing, short-term accounts receivable financing and certain administrative services such as data processing of payroll, billing and treasury management services.

Wintrust brought in EMS to deliver multiple workshops for their entire Treasury Management Sales team. EMS designed these workshops to suit the Wintrust team’s particular needs and improve the presentation skills they use on a daily basis to make sales and secure future business.

  • EMS client since 2016
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Thank you for an intense two days! You challenged me and pushed our entire team to be the best presenters in the industry. You’ve given us the tools to succeed and as Eric would say, it’s game time! I appreciate your dedication and personal feedback. You knocked me down a few pegs and built me back up. I got this!

Jennifer Bohnen
Vice President, Wintrust

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