We rarely hold back on what we think, because clients pay EMS to be honest about what we see going on in their organizations. So here goes:

All you executives out there: you MUST get better at presenting. Your job descriptions require you to lead, and many of your employees, the managers we often work with, tell us that you’re not practicing what you preach. Here’s something we hear often: “The stuff you’re showing us is terrific, but why doesn’t our Executive Team present this way? A few of them do a decent job, but most of them are brutal.”

The spotlight is on YOU, leaders, and you may not even know it. Or maybe you DO because it feels like being under the magnifying glass, with all of the sun’s heat focused on the same spot: you.

Many executives surround themselves with people who compliment them at every opportunity, as opposed to giving honest critique. How often have you heard “Great job!” when you know you didn’t really deliver? Wouldn’t it be more refreshing and productive to hear feedback such as this: “If you don’t sound more confident and excited when you present this new initiative, everyone’s going to think it’s just a recycled bunch of garbage. Is THAT what you want?!”

Often we have to deliver that tough message at EMS. It’s the reason we capture every presenter we work with on video and watch the results together with them. When leaders see themselves on the screen, they can’t hide the reality that their “yes-people” try to manage for them.

Are you a senior leader who wants the people on your team to become better presenters? Certainly you can bring EMS in to work with them. But leaders LEAD, and getting your own skills in order is a great way to start.

Keep on enjoying your summers. Please call us if we can help. And remember…THE HEAT IS ON!