Typically when EMS Communications leads workshops for clients, we work with groups of eight individuals or fewer. But recently we rolled out a training model that we have used successfully for groups of up to 100 participants.

EMS now runs half-day, full-day and even two-day seminars for these larger group sizes, depending on the depth of participative training our clients seek. While the agenda for these sessions varies based on the needs for the particular group, the focus is typically on communications topics such as presentations, small group interactions, sales calls, and interviews.

We always include a session on The Fundamentals of Public Speaking in these larger seminars, and typically pick a couple of volunteers to go through videotaped coaching in front of the group. This approach gives everyone a feel for giving and receiving feedback, and demonstrates how quickly someone can recognize issues and make changes that enhance their delivery style.

Small group breakout exercises give participants a chance to work on the concepts that we have introduced, as they present to each other across the table, practicing The Fundamentals and receiving feedback from colleagues. EMS facilitators check in with these groups to offer coaching and encourage participation.

Along with The Fundamentals, we can also focus on topics such as organizing content, effectively using visual aids, controlling question/answer sessions, and delivering corporate messages. When a second day is available, we’re able to divide the group into separate rooms, allowing participants to deliver presentations and get coaching from EMS trainers as well as written and verbal feedback from their peers.

Large Group Seminars are perfect add-ons to annual meetings and sales conferences, and also work well as stand alone training and team-building events. Your team will leave understanding that effective communication is a priority for the organization, and they’ll take away tools they can use right away to enhance the quality of meetings, interviews, and presentations.

Feel free to contact Eric or Eliot when you’d like to discuss how Large Group Seminars will work for your organization.