The EMS Combination Platter

According to the gospel of EMS, there are eight essential Fundamentals of Public Speaking. Let’s recite them all together, loudly if you can: Energy, Eye Connection, Facial Expression, Gestures, Movement, Non-words, Pauses and…Bueller, Bueller…Speaking Pace.

We believe and teach that mastering all eight of these Fundamentals, in ways that fit your own style, will dramatically improve your presentations. But do you know that you can boost your effectiveness by learning to combine these Fundamentals?

Here’s an example that we often discuss in our workshops: many of our clients have observed, when watching other speakers, a tendency to look up, down, or to the side when they use a non-word, particularly UMMM. In other words, they break contact when they’re trying to figure out what to say next. So there’s a natural connection between two of our Fundamentals, namely eye connection and eliminating non-words.

By holding eye connection with your audience, whether an individual or an entire group, you will be less likely to use non-words because you can’t drop your eyes. (If excessive staring makes you uncomfortable, try looking at the bridge of the listeners nose). And by avoiding the use of non-words, we expect you’ll find it easier to look people right in the eye.

Let’s try another one: combine facial expressions with your gestures. Imagine a friend telling you the size of the fish they caught up at the lake. They gesture to show you the size of the fish, and their face shows their excitement and pride. If you have a plan in your presentation to use a particular gesture to emphasize a particular idea, let a big facial expression ride along as well. And if you throw in a third fundamental—a pause—you’ll get even more attention.

Here’s another: movement and eye connection. We encourage presenters to use their entire room, and to be careful not to ignore any of your audience. Purposeful movement helps in a big way, but looking directly at your listeners will dramatically increase the reach of your message. People in your audience are more likely to feel like you’re speaking directly to them when you combine these two Fundamentals.

This approach works with most combinations. Use facial expression to emphasize your pauses; set a speaking pace that helps you avoid non-words; elevate your energy to help you gesture more effectively.

Try our combo platter. You’ll be oozing confidence in no time.

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