Repeat Business: Just Ask for It

We begin this blog with a commercial. If you’ve worked with EMS Communications in the past and found that our time together was valuable for you and your organization, we look forward to continuing our work with you. Let’s do business again in 2018!

There, that wasn’t too hard, was it? In business, is there any easier conversation than to follow up a successful client project with a request to do more business in the future?

Remember, we aren’t living in the world of Charles Dickens, where orphans like Oliver were punished for asking for more. (MORE???) Instead, we live in a business environment where partnerships between companies grow stronger with familiarity, and where prior experience with a client often puts you in the driver’s seat for repeat business.

If you’re good at what you do, getting repeat business—or referral business, for that matter—should be as automatic as making a ‘gimme’ putt. So why do so many people forget to follow through?

Here are a few ways you can approach current and past clients to discuss the next project:

Set the idea in advance. As you build a relationship, think beyond the initial project when you share your ideas. When asked about your experience, share examples of successful long-term relationships that have included repeat engagements. You can even demonstrate your vision by saying something like “once we’ve completed this project, we’ll regroup with you to look at other ways we can….”

Value vs. Tasks. Stress the benefits the client gained by working with you, rather than focusing on what you did. If a few weeks or months go by with no contact, look for ways to subtly demonstrate your value, sending articles (with your own insights) or other updates to remind them of why they hired you in the first place.

Ask. How else can we say this: they don’t know you want their repeat business unless you tell them you want it. Be direct, and more times than not, they’ll appreciate it.

As we said, these techniques also work well when asking for referrals. But that’s another article. Want to do more business with EMS Communications? Click here!

Closed circuit to people who dread questions from prospects in sales situations: Prepare answers in advance to a few typical questions. For example, they always ask about your EXPERIENCE in working on similar projects. Be ready to hit that one out of the ballpark!

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