Attention Recruiters: Prepare Your Candidates to Succeed

We’ve worked with our share of employment recruiters before. The job is complex—not only do they have to find the right people to meet their clients’ needs, but they must also convince these recruits, many of whom already have good jobs, to invest time to pursue this new position. The recruiter becomes highly invested in finding and convincing the most promising candidates, because the only way they get paid is if their client organization decides to hire their person.

So, when a recruiters top candidate shows up for an important interview, they have a lot riding on the outcome. Our question is this: If you’re a recruiter, are you really PREPARING your candidates to succeed?

Obviously, you want your candidate to do well, and you’ll spend time helping them get ready for the interview—who will be the personalities involved in the interview, what their concerns will be, and what questions the candidate can expect.

But with so much on the line, recruiters need to do more to ensure that their candidates succeed. The job goes beyond helping them find the right wardrobe or coming up with their best answers to questions. If you need a candidate to excel in the interview, you must help them to exude confidence, to make memorable personal connections, to ease the company’s concerns about making the right hiring decision, and to demonstrate that they are the right piece of the puzzle.

How do you do THAT?

We at EMS have worked for many years to help candidates prepare for job interviews. Recruiters have partnered with us to prepare their top candidates for important meetings. Our partnership adds considerable value to the recruiters’ role, differentiating them from their competitors, enabling them to attract better candidates, and ultimately improving the effectiveness of those candidates.

If you’re a recruiter, we invite you to talk to EMS about how we coach top recruits for their important interviews. We offer one-to-one and group training opportunities that will give them—and you—a leg up on your competition.

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EMS Communications is very relevant to their trainees. They equip many industry types samples, each with their own culture and jargon, yet EMS cuts through it all, and contextualizes it into relevant and personable applications.

David Steuart
Quality Director, The Walsh Group

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