Public Workshops

Public Workshops: Two Days to Superior Communication

Whether you’re preparing for a specific event or looking to develop critical career skills, a public workshop hosted by EMS Communications will get you up-to-speed faster than a college course. See what the two-day SELL It, Don’t TELL It workshop can do for you.

SELL It, Don’t TELL It: Taking Business Presentations to the Next Level

Video Recordings of PresentationsEMS’s interactive two-day SELL It, Don’t TELL It workshops are perfect for individuals looking to greatly improve their ability to communicate effectively. Working in a group of up to eight people from various companies and industries, and aided by videotaped exercises and professional critique, you’ll practice proven methods for enhancing your presentation style.  The skills you develop over the course of these two days are guaranteed to have an impact for years to come.

During the workshop, you’ll deliver multiple real-life presentations, each of which is captured on video by an EMS speaking coach. Every presentation is followed by peer critique as well as private video review, where a coach will address strategies you can use to continue improving beyond the workshop. You’ll gain specific insight into how you come across to others by evaluating your presentation style and tracking your progress between tapings.

Through this training, you will:

  • Gain greater confidence and conviction when speaking to large or small groups.
  • Learn to deliver organized, audience-focused presentations, and to avoid distracting language that detracts from your credibility.
  • Hone your own natural style of communication for any situation.
  • Begin to see presentations as we do: as opportunities, not challenges.

Afterwards, you take home a copy of your video footage, a workbook used in the workshop, and a newfound understanding of how to become a better speaker.

Two-Day Session Agenda

Public Workshops for Presentation Skills

Topics covered during SELL It, Don’t TELL It include:

  • Creating Your Personal Style
  • The Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • Creating a Listener-Focused Presentation
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Effective Use of Visual Aids
  • Q&A—Planning, Preparation, and Execution

*Breakfast and lunch are provided both days. Contact us for local hotel suggestions.

Since 1998, EMS Communications has been on a mission to rid the world of boring presentations. Attend a two-day public workshop and join the fight!

Are You Looking To Improve Your Communication Skills?