Public Workshop

Are you seeking a training option that gives you personal time with two coaches to improve your “A”game in communication? Check out our SELL It, Don’t TELL It workshop.

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Just The Facts

I still reflect on our training session as one of the most uncomfortable, unpleasant, rewarding, push-me-forward, confidence building experiences. I use what I learned and think about it often.

Jacqueline Bailey,
CH Robinson

Develop The Confidence To Perform

Become the type of speaker and leader your organization needs.

It's time to put self-doubt and subconscious communication sabotage behind you. It's time to grab hold of the ability to communicate effectively, authentically, and dynamically. Your true self is hiding, and all you need to do is harness it and use it more effectively. The ability to communicate using your real personality is right around the corner and EMS Communications is the solution.

Not everyone's needs are the same, so there are several options from which to choose:

Leadership Development and Coaching

A chief struggle for both current and emerging leaders is the ability to communicate effectively. Whether it's developing rapport with your direct reports, or learning to run more effective meetings, it all comes back to your communication skills. Learn more about Leadership Development and Coaching.

Presentation Skills Development and Coaching

Learning to give effective presentations will significantly increase what you can achieve. Whether you need to improve how you deliver sales presentations, or need to gain better buy-in for new concepts, EMS Communications offers ways to help. Learn more about Presentations Skills Development and Coaching.

Business and Sales Coaching

If "ability to communicate" was listed on your Personal Development Plan at your last review, effective training is what you need. EMS Communications is the key to moving your career forward, whether you’re looking to enhance negotiation skills, one-on-one speaking skills, or sales results.

What Will You Gain?

When it comes to advancing your career, you need to know that the money and time invested will make a significant impact. What can you expect after working with EMS Communications?

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Feel At Ease During Presentations
  • Garner Positive Responses
  • Increase Sales
  • Motivate Your Listeners
  • Negotiate Powerfully
  • Add Personality To Communication
  • Go From Boring To Powerful

Training Options

We offer options to fit every schedule and budget:

Corporate Workshops
Customized one, two, and three day corporate workshops for organizations offer great flexibility and varying levels to fit any of your organization's needs. Learn more about Communication and Presentation Skills Workshops.

Public Workshops
We offer a two-day public workshop, SELL It, Don't TELL It, that features intense learning, live presentations, videos exercises, and professional critique. You'll learn more in two days with us than you would in a semester-long college course. Learn more about Public Workshops

Organizations seeking to provide a customized training event for groups of 10 or more will want to explore our Large Group Seminar option. Delivering exceptional guidance on various communication and presentation topics, these seminars also include breakout sessions designed to let attendees practice the skills. Learn more about Presentation and Communication Seminars.

While workshops and seminars are excellent options for learning strategies to improve communication and presentation skills, individuals often need a longer-term solution to create lasting behavior change. Our Executive Coaching provides both the strategies for improvement as well as the accountability to make the changes stick. Learn more about Executive Coaching.

Specialty Webinars
Webinars are effective training options for individuals or organizations who cannot give full days to their communication and presentation skills training. Whether you take part in our monthly The Fundamentals of Public Speaking webinar, or engage us to develop a customized webinar series for your team, you will have a dynamic training experience using the latest in virtual presentation technology. Learn more about Presentation and Communication Skills Webinars.

Learn More About EMS

Since 1998, EMS Communications has been on a mission: to rid the world of boring presentations, one speaker at a time. Companies are learning that passionate and effective presentations convert into
more business. Individuals are learning to infuse personality and energy into their communication. People all over are learning how to become more effective and entertaining presenters. Learn more about EMS.