A New Look for EMS

Many years ago, we drew a sketch with a stick figure stepping out of a box to convey how we wanted people to approach presentations—by going beyond conventional boundaries to reach out to audiences. That drawing eventually became the EMS logo, and served us well for a long time.

But EMS Communications has evolved quite a bit since those days when we primarily provided workshops and speaker training. This month we’re pleased to unveil our new look and website, designed do a better job of communicating the breadth of work that we do. We hope our key message comes through: Effective Speakers Make Effective Leaders.

Our new logo is designed to convey the idea that communication is involved in all that we do. The individual might be standing at a podium or seated at a conference table, running a meeting or being interviewed on camera, delivering a webinar or consulting with a customer.

As you browse the new site, be sure to check out all of the services we provide to our clients. Perhaps there are ways we can help your organization—such as executive coaching or customized programs—that you haven’t considered. You can also read more about who we are, follow our blog (where you’ll find a mix of current events, articles and old favorites like our Glossary), read about some client experiences, and catch up on previous issues of Speaker’s Digest.

If you’re new to EMS or to the Digest, you’ll also find links to instructional videos we’ve made, as well as a link to our ebook: SELL It, Don’t TELL It: How to Write and Deliver a Winning Presentation, which we’ll happily send you in return for your contact information.

You’ll find all this and much more at www.PresentationTrainers.com.

We continue to appreciate your readership of Speaker’s Digest, your assistance in our quest to “Rid the World of Boring Presentations, One Speaker at a Time,” and your support for our work and our vision. Browse our new website, and please let us know how we can help you and your organization. And keep in mind that your feedback is always most welcome!

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EMS Communications is very relevant to their trainees. They equip many industry types samples, each with their own culture and jargon, yet EMS cuts through it all, and contextualizes it into relevant and personable applications.

David Steuart
Quality Director, The Walsh Group

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